Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Robert Gordon’s Forgotten Sister

Many students of the Tunnel thru the Air have forgotten that Robert Gordon actually had a sister. From p.2 of the book:

“When Robert was a little over two years old, his mother gave birth to a girl, the first born to her, but still she showed great interest in Robert; talked much of his future and took great interest in teaching him to live according to the Bible.”

That was the only sentence in the book that Gann ever mentioned about his sister, and his sister never appeared in the story again.

While it may seem like a trivial fact in the story, it is believed that Gann actually hid some important information in it. 

Hint: look at the astrological chart slightly after Robert’s birthday in 1908. Robert was born in 9th June, 1906.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

When did Robert Gordon first approached Marie Stanton?

The following is from the third chapter of the Tunnel thru the Air, which was about the first time when Robert met Marie in 1921:

One Sunday in the early part of June, Robert and Walter went to church and […] Robert thought it one of the best he had ever heard and one which impressed him the most. The minister talked about the great work of faith and said that faith without works is dead; but that there could be no faith without love because love was the greatest of all things. That God was love, and that love was the fulfilling of the law, “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whomsoever believeth on Him might not perish, but have everlasting life.”

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Robert Gordon’s Major Motor Campaign

On page 197 of The Tunnel Thru the Air, W. D. Gann wrote:

“On Sunday, June 19, 1927, Robert Gordon spent the day studying his charts and working out his cycles for stocks, cotton and grain. He was short of Major Motors and was watching it very closely. On this day he made a new and great discovery of a time factor from which he figured that Major Motors would decline until about June 30th and then start an advance which would last until about September 16th, 1927, when the Company would be 19 years old and at that time the stock would reach final high and would then go down to February to April, 1929.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Sidereal and Synodic Cycles of Planets

When it comes to market timing, forecasters do not only look at the natural cycles of the planets. They also look at the relative cycles among the planets, i.e. the synodic cycles.

W. D. Gann mentioned a lot of different market cycles in his courses, and some of the most important ones are actually synodic. For example, he said 90 years are an important cycle because it is 2 times 45, and 45 is actually the Saturn-Uranus synodic cycle. For those who have no idea, it means that it takes 45 years to have a Saturn-Uranus conjunction in the sky.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

How to Remove the Hao123 Malware (Really Works!)

The Hao123 malware is something that automatically redirects your homepage to Hao123.com, a website that promotes stuff. Even if you manually reset your homepage, it just goes to hao123.com after restarting. While it is not harmful, it is extremely annoying.

Worse yet, it is very stubborn. Even after uninstalling the browser or the add-on's, it still remains there. No matter how many times I tried, the homepage still goes to the unwanted site.

It used to bother for a very long time, until I came to know that the only way to remove it is by resetting the browser. After that, it just becomes completely clean, and it will never bother you again.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

New Preface to My Book

Ever since I wrote the Art of Influencing Anyone, I have been giving out free copies of the book to friends and their friends. One day, when I was in a gathering, a stranger suddenly came to me and asked, “Are you the bloke who wrote the Art of Influencing Anyone?”

“Yes, I am.” As I replied, I scrutinised the chap who spoke to me. He was a good-looking young fellow in his early twenties. I didn’t think I had ever met him before though.

“It’s nice to meet you. My name is John,” he said. “I read your book. It was given to me by a friend. I must say I’m very impressed by your ideas.”

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Stone Soup: How to Turn NO into YES

Stone Soup - In the Portuguese city of Almeirim, many restaurants serve a very special dish known as the sopa de pedra, or "stone soup" in English. Literally, it is a soup in which you can find some hard, inedible stones along with other ingredients. So why do the Portuguese have such a strange soup on their menu? There is actually a story behind it.
Once upon a time, a monk travelled to a village during horrible weather. He had no money with him, and he was very hungry. When he came to one of the houses in the village to ask for shelter, a woman answered the door, and when she saw the poor traveler, she said: